About Me


Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, CA, Dominique Grund has been acting her whole life. Literally.


She booked her breakthrough role at the young age of 3 weeks old, starring as Baby Mable on the sitcom Mad About You, featuring Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser, and has been passionately devoted to her craft ever since.

Though her career started on the screen, she has been performing on the stage in plays and musicals since the age of 12. Dominique says that theatre is the light that illuminates her path throughout life, and is something she can always turn to. She loves being able to see herself through the lenses of different characters, always putting her complete devotion and attention to each individual project.  

In her teen years, having the privilege to perform onstage while simultaneously working on screen, Dominique realized through her hectic and creative lifestyle, that acting was the only career path for her. As a result of this, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Performance at Chapman University. Additionally, she has a minor in Broadcast Journalism, supplementing her passion for all things entertainment. She will be graduating in May of 2019, and will be capping her four years of training with a BFA showcase come the end of the semester.

Once graduated, she plans to put her full focus on pursuing her career on screen and off, and will be starting her own Youtube Series called “Bun Talk” where she will combine her love of comedy, acting, directing, and broadcast journalism.

In her free time, Dominique enjoys cooking traditional dishes of her family’s home countries- Hungary and Czech Republic, with her mom, dad, and grandma. She also loves to spend time with her Doberman, Charlie, and be a tourist in her hometown of LA as well as around the world. 

She is currently located in Los Angeles, CA.